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New line: Nerosubianco®

Nerosubianco®... Our mission in black and white!

If you think about truffle you’ll imagine a dish of meat, eggs or pasta… yummm delicious!
But from our experience, we know that this precious mushroom can be used in a myriad of ways and… also in sweet recipes!
That’s why we fathered the new line Nerosubianco®: we wanted to give you a little zest…

This new line is a three-products-line:
Nerosubianco®: a cocoa cream with Bianchetto Truffle with a spicy, bitter and strong taste.
Nerosunero®: a hazelnut cream with Black Winter Truffle with a velvety, sweet and delightful taste.
Biancosubianco®: a creamy caramel with Bianchetto Truffle with a sugary, delicious, old-fashioned taste.

Thare’s nothing like them in the market!

We want to break again with the habits of this world which always proposes mystified products filled of artificial flavourings and chemical additives… we guarantee the highest quality on every product that we make, always using high-quality raw materials and a completely hand-made manufacturing process.

Toscobosco® always gives prominence to the real truffle and with this new line…we put that down in black and white!