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Tuber Albidum Pico
15th January – 30th April*

Bianchetto Truffle

It is called Bianchetto Truffle or Marzuolo Truffle as March is the main harvest month.


The season begins on 15th January and it lasts till 30th April.*

It can be found in different climatic areas although it usually grows in sandy soils.
This truffle variety is typical of Italy, there are similar kinds of truffle abroad but not with the same gastronomic value.

It is usually roundish and rather small. It is yellowish-brown in colour outside with a reddish-brown colour and pale veins inside.
This truffle has very intense, vaguely garlicky aroma which makes it easily recognisable.

As like the White Truffle, Bianchetto Truffle is more delicate of the black ones.


*the setted dates could change according to the annual schedule that every single region draws up.